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Scoot Dawg, Born January 31 in Tampa, Florida at Tampa General Hospital. Scoot Dawg was brought up in Central Court Projects in Tampa Fla. Young Scoot learned quick and he was raised Tuff. When he was young he had younger friend's but most of the time Scoot hung with older friend's. " They use to take me everywhere they went ".
Scoot Dawg first dabbed into Music was with a Child Hood friend who's parent's was in a Band. After School Scoot will occassionally go over the friend's house were they use to play with the friend parent's music equipment. "They had piano's, guitar's and all kinds of equipment. My parent's couldn't afford that stuff, my homey parent's was loaded "!
Scoot Dawg first Rap name was Evil E. He remember his first rap was "I Float like a Butter Fly and Sting like a Bee Muhammad Ali aint got Sh*t on me", Nothing Scoot say was major but he wanted to lay it down (record) and the studio's was way out of question.
Even though Scoot was just having fun he took a keen interest into making music. Then out of the blue Young Scoot world took a Turn. Scoot's Mother decided too Move to Tallahassee Florida. Young Scoot was devastated his life came to a screeching he thought.
"My mom moved from Central Court to Holton Street, from one brick's to Another, I felt right at Home"! That didn't slow Young Scoot down he quickly picked up were he left off. Since then Scoot Dawg has marked his terrirtory in the Tallahassee musical scene and is considered by many as a Legend in Tallahassee (Capital City) ". Capital City is the name Scoot Dawg branded his City of Tallahasse.

Scoot is much more than just a Rap Artist.
Scoot Dawg is the C.E.O. of Money Move Us Entertainment.
Scoot Dawg is a Professional Producer for
Money Move Me Productions. Scoot Dawg has produced a collection of Records to Date.
2 Be Continue....

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